Where to Shop: Halloween Edition

As Halloween draws nearer, chocolate sales in this country drastically increase. This is our opportunity to show that the fair trade market is growing and is worth investing in. It’s also a chance to bring joy into the lives of children all across the globe who are growing up as the school-educated children of fairly paid farmers rather than perpetuating cycles of poverty and slavery that plague much of the chocolate industry.

Hopefully you’ve already sent away for your free chocolate from Equal Exchange to send the children in your life reverse trick-or-treating this Halloween. But as the day draws nearer, you’ll be needing some chocolate to hand out yourself.

Here are some small, bite sized chocolates to give away (click on the photos):

dark chocolate and milk chocolate bites from Endangered Species

dark chocolate minis from Equal Exchange

fair trade gold coins

fair trade trick-or-treat action kit

tasting squares from Dagoba (perhaps to share with your office rather than hand out at the door)

spooky Halloween balls and other great holiday chocolates from Divine

And of course, if you’re having a Halloween party yourself, this would be a perfect time to… Bake it Forward!


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