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June 12- World Day Against Child Labor

June 13, 2010

Today, June 12, is World Day Against Child Labor. Since I’m invariably a little late in noticing this, I’m planning to take the whole week to acknowledge this day, and I hope you’ll all join me!

Here are some way to get involved:

1. Tweet about it. I would imagine that this day doesn’t get a ton of publicity, and that should change.

2. The International Labor Rights Forum is asking people to call Hershey’s and request that they begin purchasing responsibly grown cacao that is free from child (and often slave) labor.

3. Bake something using fair trade chocolate to get conversations started about the crisis of child labor in the cacao industry (as well as many others). Though I’ve so far only tasted the leftover filling scraped from the bottom of a saucepan, I’m highly recommending this chocolate cream pie: with Equal Exchange baking cocoa: