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Easter Resources 2011

April 8, 2011

It’s way overdue for me to dust off this blog and get it ready for Easter. It’s funny how life flies away with you and you realize it’s been almost a year since posting! But since Easter, for so many, is a celebration of freedom, it’s important to remember that we ought to be supporting the freedom of others around the world with the gifts that we buy and give this month. I present to you:


First and foremost, the chocolate:

Equal Exchange:

Mini chocolate bars, and larger bars with such fantastic flavors as Dark Chocolate with Almonds, Mint Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, Orange Dark Chocolate, and Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt

Theo Chocolate:

Great gift sets, such as this chocolate and coffee pairing. $24.00

Divine Chocolate:

Dark Chocolate with Ginger and Orange, Dark Chocolate with Raspberries, Coffee Milk Chocolate, Fruit and Nut Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, White Chocolate with Strawberries $3.99


Please note: Dagoba chocolates is owned by Hershey’s. Be careful! Only the Conacado bar is fair trade certified! But showing Hershey’s that there is a market for this chocolate bar is very important. Buy it, and write to them to tell them WHY you bought it! Also check out $3.45 or $35.40 for 12.



Speckled eggs and chocolate eggs from Divine. $4.99

Kid Stuff:

Sweetearth Chocolates:
Gift basket with chocolates $24.95

Chocolate bunnies and eggs $7.95

Global Exchange:
Gift basket with bunnies and chocolates $22.50

Zippered carrot pouch with three toy bunnies $16

Other Gifts


Collectible eggs in papier mache, stone, wood, ceramic, or metal. $10-20

Ember Arts:

Long multicolor necklace made from fair trade paper beads. Bright colors like these are perfect for spring! $31

Krochet Kids:

Awesome hats available in bright spring colors, or even something a little more subdued. Handmade in Uganda. $24.95

Sseko Sandals:

Sandals that help send Ugandan women to university! Interchangeable colored straps also available. $47-$49


Gorgeous fabric handbags from Ghana $48

There are many more great fair trade resources out there! If you have any you’d like to add to the list, just send and email to or find us on twitter @bakeitforward and we’ll edit your favorite fair trade or socially responsible goodies into this post.