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Ethical Chocolate Bar of the Week: August 28

August 28, 2011

The Newman’s Own Organic Orange Dark Chocolate bar


A fruit lover’s delight, this mix of rich dark chocolate and sweet milk chocolate carries a delicious hint of orange.

Click here to see where you can find Newman’s Own chocolate

Newman’s Own chocolate is awarded the Rainforest Alliance certification seal, which can only be earned by purchasing cocoa from farms that pay workers fair wages and use environmentally and socially sustainable farming methods. Click the seal below to read more about Rainforest Alliance certification.



Ethical Chocolate Bar of the Week: August 21

August 21, 2011

The Dagoba Eclipse Bar


Another good choice for you bakers, this “extra strong dark chocolate” bar is decadently rich and would be complimented well by the sweet dough of a cookie, muffin, or, say, a scone. This week’s Bar of the Week is just in time for Bake Forward Day.

Dagoba is committed to Full Circle Sustainability.

Dagoba chocolate can be found at just about any Wholefoods Market, Henry’s Market, many other organic and natural grocery stores, and of course online.

Ethical Chocolate Bar of the Week: August 14

August 14, 2011

The Theo Organic & Fair Trade Mint Dark Chocolate bar


The depth of spearmint and peppermint perfectly blended into rich dark chocolate offers a refreshing sensation of coolness amidst the heat of summer. And the best part? Enjoying the bliss of this chocolate is guilt free knowing you’re supporting Theo’s pledge to use only pure and sustainable ingredients, give the cacao farmers economic and social stability, and run an environmentally friendly operation.

Theo chocolate is certified by Fair for Life. Click the logo to learn more.

Here’s where to find Theo

Ethical Chocolate Bar of the Week: August 7

August 8, 2011

The Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans


The coffee addict’s fix, this rich dark chocolate is infused with a rejuvenating and energizing kick of espresso. Don’t give yourself too much grief over enjoying this one with breakfast.

Endangered Species pledges the best of all ethical practices by the commitment to 100% ethically traded & environmentally sustainable cocoa, environmental conservation practices in the workplace and a mission to better sustainability for “species, habitat and humanity.”

Here’s where you can find it.