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Introducing Featured Causes

December 30, 2011

With the coming of 2012 we can’t tell you how much your support has meant to us. The simple acts of baking ethically traded chocolate into sweets to share with friends, loved ones and strangers. The little commitments to buying the ethical chocolate bars of the week. While the everyday lifestyle choices and purchases we make are crucial to either fueling or eradicating modern-day slavery, we hope, if you’re interested, you might also like to connect with some great causes, organizations and individuals taking things a step further. There’s a lot of good being done in the fields of social justice, ethical products and eradicating human trafficking, and we want to learn more about it, and of course share it with you too.

So stay tuned, our first Featured Cause is coming soon!


Ethical Chocolate Bar of the Week: January 1st, 2012

December 29, 2011

The Chuao Firecracker


The Chuao Firecracker is a returner on the Bar of the Week blog, and for good reason. It’s a party in your mouth. Literally. And since this is the week to party and cause a ruckus and hurl firecrackers and such, we figured it deserves the honor of ringing in the New Year with us. ┬áSo go out and get one before Saturday night, and pop a piece in once the clock strikes midnight. You won’t be sorry.

Here’s where to find it.

Chuao, based out of southern California, specializes in artisan “fusion chocolate” made exclusively from Venezuelan cacao. Venezuelan cacao is high quality on the world market, giving farmers fair prices for their product already. However, Chuao takes it a step further and invests in preserving and restoring Venezuela’s high-quality cacao crop.


Ethical Chocolate Bar of the Week: December 18th

December 18, 2011

The Green & Black’s Organic Peanut & Sea Salt bar


A new one from Green & Black’s, this is a sweet and salty treat for your busy week of last-minute holiday shopping and celebrating. With creamy milk chocolate, nuggets of caramelized peanuts and a subtle hint of salt you’ll have plenty of holly and jolly to go around.

Find where to get it here.

Green & Black’s proudly offers a fair price for their organic cocoa grown by indigenous Mayan farmers in Belize. Read their story here.

Ethical Chocolate Bar of the Week: December 11th

December 11, 2011

The Harry Potter Alliance Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Frogs


This week’s bar of the week is a special. The Harry Potter Alliance is a non-profit organization built around J.K. Rowling’s epic 7-book story and its parallels to the real life issues of our world today. Issues like, oh say, unethical labor practices in the chocolate industry. Having sent 5 cargo planes to aid post-earthquake Haiti and sent over 87,000 books around the world to aid literacy programs are just a couple of the HPA’s amazing successes. Currently the forefront of the HPA is focused on their Not in Harry’s Name Campaign with the goal of pressuring Warner Brothers to clean up their unethical Harry Potter chocolate products. These Organic Fair Trade chocolate frogs are just one way of getting involved.

These will make great gifts this holiday season, so be sure to order by December 15th so they can get them out to you in time. Order them here.


Ethical Chocolate Bar of the Week: December 4th

December 4, 2011

The ALTER ECO Dark Velvet Chocolate bar

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The word “velvet” still doesn’t quite do justice to the smoothness of this bar. What would you call the sensation of letting yourself sink steadily into a pleasant dream? Or the feeling of a fluffy cat rubbing herself gently against your leg? Or the sound of a slow jazzy saxophone? Sometimes smoothness is too smooth to fit into vocabulary, much like this bar. Go out and try it and you’ll understand.

Here’s where to get it.

ALTER ECO makes a variety of fair trade goods, including quinoa, sugar, rice and this chocolate. And not only are they committed to seeing that the small-farm producers of these products get the quality prices they deserve, but they also seek out all natural and organic ingredients and bear the Objective Carbon Zero label.