Ethical Chocolate Bar of the Week: January 1st, 2012

The Chuao Firecracker


The Chuao Firecracker is a returner on the Bar of the Week blog, and for good reason. It’s a party in your mouth. Literally. And since this is the week to party and cause a ruckus and hurl firecrackers and such, we figured it deserves the honor of ringing in the New Year with us.  So go out and get one before Saturday night, and pop a piece in once the clock strikes midnight. You won’t be sorry.

Here’s where to find it.

Chuao, based out of southern California, specializes in artisan “fusion chocolate” made exclusively from Venezuelan cacao. Venezuelan cacao is high quality on the world market, giving farmers fair prices for their product already. However, Chuao takes it a step further and invests in preserving and restoring Venezuela’s high-quality cacao crop.




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