Ethical Chocolate Bar of the Week: January 22nd

The Equal Exchange Very Dark Chocolate bar

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This week’s bodacious bar of the week comes just in time for Bake it Forward Day. Crunch it up and bake it into some cookies to be given out to that group of college students always studying at your favorite coffee shop. Melt it into some muffins to offer to the old couple down the street. Or just share the bar itself with someone on January 27th. No matter what, you can enjoy this rich dark chocolate knowing that small-farm cocoa growers are benefiting, and you can show others that committing to buying ethical chocolate is easy, fun and always delicious.

Where to find it: Equal Exchange is carried by Wholefoods Markets, and I assume many other organic and fair trade grocery stores. Check the ones nearest you, or shop on Equal Exchange’s web site.

25 years ago Equal Exchange brought fairly traded Nicaraguan coffee into the US market and since has expanded to tea, almonds, bananas, sugar, olive oil, cocoa and of course chocolate bars. Every product they sell to this day originates from small farmer cooperatives all over the world, making Equal Exchange completely worker owned. You can’t get much better than that.


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