Ethical Chocolate Bar of the Week: January 29th

The Zazubean nakid Bar

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If the name of the bar doesn’t win you over, the decadence of rich dark chocolate and crunchy cocoa nibs inside it will. Completely organic, fair trade and gluten free, this bar is literally for everyone, chocaholics and cocoa growers alike. Zazubean’s spunky Canadian vibe is just another 1-up on the whole thing.

If you live in Canada, see where you can find a Zazubeam bar near you. If you don’t live in Canada, check out Zazubean’s online store.

Zazubean Chocolate’s “mission,” from its beginning has been to offer the market “gourmet chocolate that is delicious, ethical and has natural health benefits.” Staying true to that goal, Zazubean produces only dark chocolate with a variety of exciting (and health-focused) fusions. Even better, their bars are certified by Fair For Life. Read Zazubean’s story here.


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