Valentine’s Day Gift Giveaway (24 hours to enter)

In the spirit of love we at Bake it Forward want to show a little love to a couple lucky tweeters out there who care about ethical chocolate and need a sweet Valentine’s Day gift to give to their honey. We’re offering one of each of these Valentine’s card and ethical chocolate bar packages . . .


. . . to folks who:

1. Begin following Bake it Forward on Twitter if you aren’t already following


2. By Wednesday February 8th (tomorrow) at 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, Tweet something along the lines of:  follow @bakeitforward for a chance to win a romantic ethical chocolate Valentine’s gift

3. Check your Twitter messages this Wednesday (tomorrow) night around 5 PM Pacific Standard Time in case you won

It’s that easy. Here’s how it’ll work: If you retweet Bake it Forward with something along these lines your (Twitter) name will be put into a hat (quite possibly literally), and it’ll be swirled around with other names, and then this Wednesday February 8th at around 4:30 PM PST two lucky names will be drawn, they’ll receive a Twitter message asking for a place to send the Valentine’s gift packages to, and you’ll receive the package in the mail just before/on Valentine’s Day.

*In order for that last part (“you’ll receive the package in the mail just before/on Valentine’s Day”) to work, we’ll need to have pretty quick responses on Wednesday night from the winners.


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