Ethical Chocolate Bar of the Week: February 12th

The RAPUNZEL Organic Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts bar

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Another nutty chocolate bar on the dark side (55% cocoa). German-based and Swiss-produced, RAPUNZEL brings that special European chocolate vibe everyone seems to like, a delicious flavor and adds another very good factor: supporting the people producing what goes into it. Plus, its homepage features hippies and a colorful Volkswagen bus in a field of flowers.

Here’s where you can find RAPUNZEL chocolate in the United States (I found it at Wholefoods). If you live anywhere else in the world, check out RAPUNZEL’s international partners page to see who’s distributing it in your country.

RAPUNZEL’s unique because they created their own fair trade label, HAND IN HAND, which works with 14 farmer group partners in 11 different countries to produce certified organic materials traded ethically for their products. What’s more, RAPUNZEL’s HAND IN HAND Fund allocates 1% of HAND IN HAND raw material revenue every year to supporting non-profits and charitable projects focused on fighting hunger and poverty. All around, purchasing a RAPUNZEL bar is helping a lot more than just one or two people.


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