What is Fairtrade Chocolate?

Much of the world’s chocolate comes from cacao beans grown in West Africa, and many of the people who harvest those beans are children and adults who are forced to work with little or no pay.  They are modern day slaves.  Many of the world’s largest chocolate producers use cacao beans that were harvested by slaves.

We really like chocolate, but we don’t like slavery, so we’re encouraging everyone to eat lots of chocolate and to make sure that no slavery or labor abuses were used in its production. Look for labels showing that your chocolate is fairtrade, or call your favorite chocolate company and ask if they are sure that their beans don’t come from slave labor.

Click here to learn more about fairtrade chocolate and the problem of modern day slavery. Use the links to the left to find out where to buy fairly traded chocolate, or bake it forward to creatively share this story with others. Then, send your ideas and pictures to info@bakeitforward.net and we’ll blog them to give others some inspiration.

How to Bake it Forward

Most likely, you heard about this project when you received some homemade baked goods or candy from a friend or co-worker. We like to call this baking it forward. If you’d like to tell others about fairtrade chocolate, we’d ask that you do the same!

1. Buy some fairtrade chocolate in a store near you, or purchase it directly from a company online. If you’re not sure where to shop, check out the links to the left.
2. Bake something to share with 5-10 friends, family, and co-workers. Click here for recipe ideas.
3. Download the 8-per-sheet bake it forward tags or the 4×6 photo-sized postcards to print out and attach to your baked goods.
cookietag cookiecard
4. Give them away!

the 27th for the 27,000,000

It is estimated that there are at least 27 million slaves in the world today. For those of you who are able to make an extra effort to share this story,  bake it forward each month on the 27th to remember and speak out for those people who are enslaved. Mark your calendars on the 27th of each month as “Bake it Foward” day, and share the story with a different set of friends or acquaintances each time.


5 Responses to “”

  1. eloranicole Says:

    The site looks amazing! Great job, Emily.

  2. A Slave-Free Easter « Bakeitforward’s Blog Says:

    […] Bake it Forward! There are special Easter fliers below that you can attach to your homemade […]

  3. dnez Says:

    Nice work Emily.

    It was good to hang with you and James at Idea Camp.

    God bless you so you can bless others.


  4. Fran Costigan Says:

    I applaud your site and appreciate what you are doing to educate people. As a specialist chef instructor in organic vegan desserts, I highlight and utilize fairtrade and chocolate, sugar and coffee. Several times a year, I teach a chocolate class dedicated to fairtrade chocolates. Information can be found on my site. I think that most people just don’t know about slavery in chocolate, sugar, coffee and once educated, are eager to change. Thanks to you for helping spread the knowledge.

  5. robynbeckleyvining Says:

    well now, isn’t that a most refreshingly creative idea.
    props on the 27th for the 27M.

    Til they are free…

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