The 27th for the 27 Million

Mark your calendars! The 27th of every month is officially Bake Forward Day!

Why the 27th? Because an estimated 27 million people are in the bonds of slavery to this day. It didn’t end with the abolition movements of the 17 and 1800s.

But our part in abolition simply comes down to the choices we make every day when we shop. So on the 27th of every month we’re going to Bake it Forward with ethical, slave-free chocolate.

How to Bake it Forward
1. Buy some fairtrade chocolate in a store near you, or purchase it directly from a company online. If you’re not sure where to shop, click here.
2. Bake something to share with 5-10 friends, family, and co-workers. Click here for recipe ideas.
3. Download the 8-per-sheet bake it forward tags or the 4×6 photo-sized postcards to print out and attach to your baked goods.

4. Give them away!


3 Responses to “The 27th for the 27 Million”

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