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KitKat Bars go Fairtrade in the UK in January

December 7, 2009

Just like it says.

David Rennie of Nestle says that “UK consumers are increasingly interested in how we source and manufacture their favourite products.”

Great job, UK!


Holiday Experiment #1

November 21, 2009

Tomorrow, I will be selling Acholi Beads at a Fair Trade Market. At the vendor meeting a few weeks back, I was thrilled to learn that another vendor would be selling chocolate bars and baking cocoa from Equal Exchange.

The woman selling chocolate was kind enough to sell me mint, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate bars, plus a can of baking cocoa, all at cost. A friend donated the money to purchase them. The general idea was to enlist a handful of people to bake everything up this week, but I forgot about it until last night and ended up baking everything myself. Which is why my kitchen looks like this:


At the sale, I’ll be handing out 8 dozen cookies and brownies, for free, with Bake it Forward tags attached. The cookies and brownies can help promote the chocolately goodness for sale at the Equal Exchange booth (and let me tell you, their milk chocolate bars, crunched up, make amazing chocolate chip cookies). And people who are inspired to share the chocolate story will have the opportunity to buy the ingredients necessary to Bake it Forward right then and there.


So the first experiment is geared toward strangers, and goes as follows:

1. Find a local holiday fair trade or craft market. If you’re lucky, someone will be selling fair trade chocolate at the market. If so, buy your chocolate from them. If not, just buy some fair trade chocolate.

2. Enlist some friends and family to bake up dozens and dozens of delicious desserts.

3. Eat the broken ones.

4. Package them individually, and add a Bake it Forward tag to each one.

5. Give them away for free.


August 19, 2009

Yeah, its still August. But Equal Exchange is organizing another reverse trick-or-treat campaign this Halloween.

Sign up to get a packet of free chocolate bars and information cards to hand out with your children as you go from house to house! It’s also a great resource for groups hosting a Halloween event.

Deadline for individuals to register is October 13th

Deadline for organizations or groups to register is October 1st

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Goes Fairtrade!

March 19, 2009

Cadbury announces plans to make it’s popular dairy milk bars fairtrade by the beginning of August 2009. A step in the right direction!