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A Flurry of Activity

August 6, 2009

Now that the internet side of Bake it Forward is pretty well established, we’re ready to take on the real world. I just had a logistical meeting tonight with some friends from my community here in San Diego, and here are some of the ideas we’re working on:

1) Handing out cookies and yet-to-be-designed Bake it Forward brochures at stores like Whole Foods that have a great selection of fairtrade chocolate, encouraging people to pick up some chocolate while they’re in the store and then Bake it Forward!

2) Putting together a packet of information for public speaking events- like at churches or rotary clubs and encouraging listeners to Bake it Forward.

3) Handmade or fairtrade craft parties (for Holiday shopping) hosted by Bake it Forward. Get your gifts, eat some cookies… teach your friends about fairtrade chocolate!

I’ll update this blog with the stories from our little experiments as we carry them out, and hopefully will be able to give advice on how to spread the awareness in your own town.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share!