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Where to Shop

March 19, 2009
Like it or not, money is one of the most powerful voices in our world today. Don’t give up on buying chocolate, but make sure your voice is telling a good story. Shop for chocolate that has been responsibly and ethically grown and manufactured. We’ve assembled this list as a place for you to start, but be sure to read websites and labels for yourself!

Stores that carry fairtrade certified or ethically produced chocolate selections:

Whole Foods

Henry’s Farmers Market

Sprouts Farmers Market Great place to find white chocolate, too.

Trader Joe’s

Where to buy fairtrade certified or ethically produced chocolate online:

Dean’s Beans (baking cocoa, hot chocolate mix)
Equal Exchange (good resource for baking chocolate and cocoa powder)
Coco-Zen (fairtrade certified handmade chocolate truffles, as well as unique chocolate lip balms, lotions, etc.)
Omanhene (iced frappe mix!)
Providence Coffee (hot cocoa)
Rapunzel (baking cocoa in all of its many delicious forms)
Vital Choice (raw cocoa chocolate)
Yachana Gourmet (cocoa nibs)

If you learn about another fairtrade or ethically traded chocolate retailers, please email them to so that we can include them on this site.